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manicure pedicure Calgary

Ultimate Guide to the Difference Between Manicure & Pedicure

In the world of beauty & grooming, everyone knows that manicure pedicure Calgary are the best treatments that help everyone maintain better health & appearance of their nails.

Manicure Pedicure Calgary 

But, still, sometimes people don’t know what is the difference between manicures & pedicures. So, for that, we are here with this informational blog through which people will get an idea of what are these.

So, let’s get started:

Manicure Vs. Pedicure: Understanding the Basics


This is a beauty treatment that focuses on enhancing the appearance & health of the hands as well as the nails. The basic steps this treatment possesses:

  • Shaping of Nails

The treatment is for hands & technicians do their best to shape the nails in a way the client’s hands look amazing.

  • Doing Proper Care of the Cuticle

With nail shaping, professionals use the proper method to do proper care of cuticles so that even after the nail extension people will get the best look for their hands which everyone will fall.

Manicure Calgary 

  • Doing Proper Exfoliation

Now even when people do care about their hands, with technicians’ help they get the proper exfoliation done with which they will be able to have good shade of them. Other than this, teh dead skin would be fully removed. 

  • Applying Appropriate Moisturizer

After this process, to nourish the skin & hands various moisturizers are applied for the betterment & glow of the skin.

  • Painting the Nails With Nail Polish

To make the hands look more better, technicians even apply a coat of nail paint & let the people & others fall for their hands. 


This is also a beauty treatment but in this, the beauty & health of the foot with nails get enhanced. The steps involved in this process are:

  • Foot Soak

The first step before starting the pedicure is to soak the feet properly & let them soften.

  • Nail trimming & Cuticle Care

Then after starting the process, technicians do trim the nails & extra cuticles for the proper shape.

Pedicure Calgary 

  • Appropriate Exfoliation

Then proper exfoliation is done to remove the dirt & dead skin to let the skin breathe freshly.

  • Moisturizing the foot, toes, & Applying Nail Polish

Now, there is a need to apply the moisturizer & let the toes feel alive. Other than this, for a better look nail paint is applied.

Key Differences Between Manicure & Pedicure

Now, Let’s have a Look at the list of key differences between these treatment methods:

  1. Difference in Focus Area

The focus areas for both of these are different. As, the manicure is specifically done for the hands. 

On the other hand, the pedicure is specifically done on the foot, toes, & nails to nourish them.

2. Usage of Tools & Techniques

Both these treatment methods are for different things, and due to this different tools & techniques are required by technicians. The major difference is that technicians can’t use the same tools as hands on the feet. And even the techniques used to exfoliate the feet’ skin can’t be used on the hands.

3. Soaking Techniques

Pedicures do require soaking but manicures don’t require soaking. So, this is also considered to be the key different. As, the hand’s skin is softer than the feet. Because of this, the specific method is applied on feet instead of hands. 

In Summary

The above information gives this idea to everyone that both the treatments that people think are the same actually have so many differences.

But, still, if you are looking to have the best practical session to understand the different better, then you can make your booking at Advance Passion Beauty Boutique right away with our best technician.

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