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Manicure Pedicure Calgary 

Manicure Pedicure For Different Age Groups: Nail Care

Just like you groom your face, hair, and body, you must also take special care of your nails as well. The nails are the most important body organs that are fragile and get weakened if not taken good care of. Folks usually consider taking professional manicure pedicure Calgary services for achieving healthy and beautiful-looking nails. Some also follow specialized care routines for their hands and feet nails to make them look fabulous and adoring. 

Manicure Pedicure Calgary 

Ages play a great role in the health of our nails, so here we are going to tell you the types of manicure pedicures based on verse age groups. Because when you grab the best manicure pedicure services based on your age group, it can transform the wellness of your nails. 


So, Let’s have a look at the types of manicure pedicure types based on age groups – 

For Teenagers and Young Adults (13-25)

Teenagers and young adults must go for manicures and pedicures that emphasize fun, simplicity, and creativity. Let’s see which are those: 

  • Basic Manicure and Pedicure 

A basic manicure simply involves cleaning, scrubbing, massaging, shaping, and polishing of nails. The nails are coated with youthful and vibrant nail colors later on. 

  •  Gel Manicure 

Gel manicure pedicure includes a soft gel in the form of polish. This manicure pedicure is long-lasting and suits those who have a busy lifestyle. Because the result stays for a longer time with no chipping, peeling, or cracking of nails. 

For Young Professionals (26-35)

Young professionals mostly go for the look that looks sophisticated and polished and goes well with their career line. One can go for the underlying options under this category. 

  • Classic Manicure and Pedicure 

When you avail Classic Manicure and Pedicure, your hands are feet and put under a rejuvenating soak that gives you a relaxing feel. Then the nails and filed and the cuticles are tidied. The main difference between the basic and the classic one is that in the classic pedicures, your hands and feet go further with specialized exfoliation and pampering than in the basic one. 

  • French Manicure and Pedicure 

This is one of the most fabulous Manicure and pedicures that enhance the allure of your nails. It’s a way of grooming your nails with a thin white horizontal strip of nail color on your nail tips. Whereas the plate of the nails is either painted in clear, pink, or neutral nail polish. 

  • Shellac Manicure and Pedicure 

Shellac is a hybrid of gel and traditional nail polish that’s cured and hardened with the LED lamp so that you might get lasting wear. As Shellac is softer than gel, it soaks off easily with acetone. 

For Established Professionals (36 and above) 

Established professionals like to maintain the most sophisticated and cultivated look. Here are some of the options people usually prefer after 36 years of age – 

  •  Spa Manicure and Pedicure 

Spa manicures and Pedicures are best for people who are aged above 35 because it include the most relaxing massage with aromatic oils that rejuvenate hands and feet. It’s a luxurious treatment that includes trimming and polishing of nails using oils for aromatherapy. 

  • Anti-Aging 

In this treatment, the hands and feet are soaked under a specialized soak that promotes skin renewal. Anti-aging serums and creams are used that contain ingredients like anti-oxidants, collagen, peptides, and retinol to target signs of aging. A relaxing hand and foot massage is given to give youthful radiance to the hands and feet. 


Wrapping Up 

So, these were some of the best manicure pedicure Calgary types that you must opt for based on your age. Nails are the most sensitive tips of fingers and toes, so one must keep up the wellness of nails by regularly grooming them up taking nail spa treatments. Take extensive nail care services from Advance Passion Beauty Boutique which is in Calgary, it is the topmost salon which offers comprehensive beauty services.