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Glam Haircuts That Women Must Try Who Are Aged Above 30 

Women often think of changing their looks now and then to complement different styles. Some women like short bangs while the others like alluring bob-cut styles. It all depends on the looks a woman wants that enhance their beauty and confidence. With the changing times, new haircut styles also emerge day by day that give women a gracious and admiring look. 

Women who cross their 30s and reach the pinnacle of femininity get mature in their looks but still can look fabulous getting their hair groomed in different styles. The best thing that they can do with their hair is get a new haircut. Be it for any purpose or occasion, women can visit various salons and can get new haircut looks for a flattering appearance. So, what they do is change their looks with their descending ages taking the finest barber shop near me services from the best salons. 

Barber shop near me

 Here in this blog post, we will share some haircut styles for women who are aged above 30, so that they can also flaunt themselves confidently. 

Let’s dwell in 

1.Layered Pixie Cut 

Layered Pixie Cut is good for women who love bold and daring looks. For the boss ladies, this look is completely a game-changer. Layers add dimension and texture while the pixie cut exudes blunt style and appearance. 

2. Butterfly Cut 

A Butterfly Haircut looks good on women who have longer hair that falls just below the shoulder. This particular hairstyle is inspired by the styles of the past which is still a favorite one for most women. The descending layers are pulled away from the face mimicking the butterfly’s fluttering wings. The haircut is considered a two-in-one look because the short hair gives it the look of a shorter hairstyle as well as a longer one. 

3. Long Layers 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t carry long hair once you reach your 30s. Try up the wonderful long layers hair cut which looks luxurious as well as stylish when you flaunt it. Whether you like to have straight hair or the wavy ones, this haircut looks fabulous with both. So, this is one of the best hairstyles which you can wear when you hit your 30s that will give you the look which other women will crave for. 

4. The Curve Cut 

The Curve Cut is one of the most classy haircuts you can get for your hair. It has been inspired by a stylist Tyler Moore of Live True London who also explained this look properly that the hair is shaped in the “U” or “V” style with plenty of layers that gives the illusion of shorter hair at the front if desired. He also said that this haircut is perfect for the women who are looking to grow their hair while also giving them some shape and style. 

5. Bottleneck Bangs

For the ones who do not like to have traditional bangs, they can go for this style. Bottleneck bands mimic the shape of bottleneck which means these are narrower near your forehead and wider towards the cheekbones. Plus, the haircut looks good on every face shape and doesn’t imitate traditional bangs. 


Concluding Thoughts 

So, enhance your 30s look with these eye-catching hair cuts that would fantasize your overall look. Whether you’d go for a casual party or a formal dinner occasion, these simplistic hairstyles will complement all your looks. Get these haircuts availing barber shop near me services in Calgary such as Advance Passion Beauty Boutique which is the best place for seeking stunning haircut services.