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Massage Therapist Calgary, NE

Explaining Aromatherapy Massage and its Uses

Are you thinking of getting a massage this weekend with aromatic essential oils such as Bergamot, Cedarwood, Lavender, and others? After a long week of hard work, people love to go for massages during the weekends. An aromatherapy massage is always the first choice because it gives relaxation and improves the mood.


Massage Therapist Calgary NE


Being a famous massage therapist Calgary, NE, we at Advance Passion Beauty Boutique offer aromatherapy to revitalize your energies. We offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute sessions to our clients.

Understanding Aromatherapy Massage

Most people search on Google. What is aromatherapy? To understand it, you must know that it is a therapeutic technique that offers potential benefits with a combination of essential oils, and massage therapy, or the nurturing power of touch. 

These essential oils are natural oils derived from plants. It is a traditional treatment that helps relax the mind and the body. Expert massage therapists harmonize the body and mind with their massage skills. 

Is There Scientific Evidence Supporting the Effectiveness of Aromatherapy?

There is scientific evidence available showing that this famous technique of therapy works in ending stress.

The stimulating oil aroma used in it allows you to relax and boosts your mood. Some studies show that people who regularly use aromatherapy benefit from a greater decrease in anxiety symptoms. 

All this happens because at the heart of aromatherapy massage lies the use of essential oils obtained from flowers, leaves, bark, and roots of plants, each with its unique healing properties. When used during massage, these oils can help alleviate various ailments, promote relaxation, and uplift the spirit.

Why Does a Combination of Massage and Essential oils work?

The integration of massage therapy with essential oils works together innovatively creating a harmonious effect that amplifies the benefits of both. Massage experts implement techniques such as Swedish, squeezing, rolling, deep tissue, and others to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation in the individual. The addition of essential oils to these techniques enhances these effects.

About Aromatherapy Uses

There are many other uses of Aromatherapy besides relaxation. It is a multipurpose therapy applied to address specific health concerns. Below you will find its uses

Stress Reduction: Oils such as Lavender and Chamomile used in aromatherapy have anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and other properties that help in soothing the mind and reducing stress levels. Traditionally it has been used for various health reasons. 

Sleep & Pain Management: The calming effect of aromatherapy helps people to improve their sleep quality. People use it to set aside their worries and to have a good sleep. Along with sleep management, oils such as ginger, and eucalyptus are used for their analgesic properties. Their properties relieve pain and inflammation. 

Mood Enhancement: Massage experts suggest that citrus oils used in aromatherapy like orange and bergamot can uplift the mood and alleviate symptoms of depression. When you inhale the smell of citrus oils their aroma taps into your emotions. This relaxing aroma impacts your mental health ending anxiety and stress.  

Immune System Support: Some people wonder how aromatherapy massage helps the immune system. But it is true because oils used in it have antimicrobial properties that help the immune system fight pathogens helping your body’s immune system.


Massage therapist Calgary, NE offers Aromatherapy massage combining the physical benefits of massage with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. If you are looking to relax and elevate your mood attending a massage therapy session is best to go for.