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Caring Tips for Your Nails After Gel Manicure or Pedicure

Women nowadays love to go for gel manicures to make their hands look beautiful. Although gel manicures look alluring and are long-lasting, they can ruin your nail health as well by making them crack early and brittle easily. 

It is always important to take care of nail health especially when women take different nail treatments from the best nails salon Calgary NE

Nails Salon Calgary NE

In this blog, we are going to explain the best caring tips advised by the topmost nail technicians in Calgary after getting gel manicure & pedicure. So, let’s take a look on: 

Top Caring Tips For Nails Post Gel Manicure & Pedicure 

#1 Be Gentle With Your Hands & Nails 

When the gel manicure and pedicure services are afresh, don’t try strenuous activities like picking heavy things or working on dough making and so on. 

These kinds of activities must be fully avoided, to make the nail treatments last longer. 


#2 Protect the nails from sun Damage 

It is also essential to safeguard your nails from sun damage because sun exposure can make the nail’s health bad. 

It can cause your gel manicure and pedicure to fade over time. So, better to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen on your nails and hands post-treatment. 


#3 Cuticle Oil is a Must Application 

Cuticle oil is one such nail remedy that can make nails excessively healthy and appear nice. 

In addition to it, it can also make your gel manicures last for long. Using this oil fantastically nourishes both your nails and nail cuticles. 


#4 Avoid Picking Nails 

Picking the nails is a habit of some people, so this has to be avoided for making the gel manicure and pedicure work for long.

In case, this thing is not avoided, then it can damage the delicate structure of nails and can lead to thin, flaky, and weak nail textures. 


#5 Rehydrate Nails With Best Moisturizing Cream 

Sometimes the cuticles and the nails get dry and brittle post service and at that time, it is essential to give your nails a moisturizing doze that time. 

For best results, try on the moisturizing cream which gives your nails intense hydration and also doesn’t contain toxins and chemicals. 


#6 Practice Safe Gel Removal

To protect your nails from harm, you must remove your gel manicure or pedicure in a safe and timely manner. Peeling or picking off the gel polish should be avoided as this can weaken the nail plate by removing layers of it. 

Different Nail Services You Can Get At Top Nail Salon

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  • Manicure & Pedicure ( From Classic to Signature and Deluxe ) 
  • Manicure Shellac 
  • French Nails 
  • Nail Repair Treatments 
  • Occasional Nail Arts & Nail Extensions 


In Conclusion 

So, don’t just wait but get yourself beautiful nail treatments to make your hands look attractive and eye-appealing. After all, nails are one such beauty enhancement feature that puts a great impression on the sighers. 

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