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6 Fantastic Hairstyles for Men Who Have Really Thin Hair

A good hairstyle transforms the personality of a person. So, one must get eccentric haircuts from the topmost Hair Cutting experts. Ask for the best barber shop near me from your friends or peers, and you will get to know the best options. 

Often we see that some men have thin hair or some have hair that thins out with age. At that point in time, it becomes difficult to style hair as men feel afraid that they might not lose all their hair growth in the haircut process. 

Barber Shop near Me

So, this can be a challenging thing to manage. But one can do that by selecting the ideal haircut services for themselves that also take care of their hair lengths or thin-haired issues. Here in this blog, we will tell you about 6 basic hairstyles for men who have thin hair that will make them look and feel great. 

  • Buzz Cut and High Fade: 

A Buzz Cut is the best hairstyle a man can go for if he has thin hair. It’s the low-maintenance hairstyle that involves clipping the hair short and tapering the sides as well as back into a high fade. The ideal face shape on whom this style looks great is diamond, square, and oval. 

  • Slick Back Hairstyle:

Slick back hairstyle goes well with almost all kinds of face shapes. And this one is perfect if one wants to make his face look broad and stunning. This type of hairstyle helps in achieving the appearance of volume as the hair is combed back securing them with the styling gel or the stronghold hair wax. 

  • Faux Hawk 

This is one of the best bold hairstyles which is the variant of traditional mohawk. This hairstyle creates the appearance of volume drawing attention to it and leaving the thinner parts unnoticed. The ideal face shapes on whom this hairstyle looks good are oval, round, and square. 

  • Mid Fade Style 

The mid fade hairstyle is fabulous for thin-haired men which strikes a balance between a high fade and a low fade hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle features thin hair tapered to the point between temples and ears. The men who must go for this hairstyle should have round and oval face shapes. 

  • Crew Cut 

A Crew-cut hairstyle is a short hairstyle perfect for men with thin hair. This hairstyle features longer hair at the top and shorter faded hair at the sides and back that creates the illusion of an even hairline. Men who have square-shaped and diamond-face shapes should go for this hairstyle. 

  • Ivy League 

Ivy League hairstyle is the stylish version of a crew haircut that is great for thin-haired men. The style features longer hair at the top of the head styled with a neat side part. The ideal face shapes for this particular hairstyle are round, oblong, and oval. 


Final Words  

So, these were the most suitable hairstyles for men who have thin hair. Avail the fabulous barber shop near me services in Calgary from Advance Passion Beauty Boutique today as they have the finest caliber in the same. For any kind of hair care advice or haircut guidance, you will get the topmost advice from the hair experts there.